The moon rises,

The world goes to sleep,

The air stills,

A hush falls over the place,

I hear you then,

Calling out to me,

Whispering my name so softly

It’s as if I imagine your voice

But I cock my head and close my eyes,

And indeed it is you, Night,

My old friend.

You coax my brain,

My thoughts spill out before you,

Lining up like Knights on a March

My ideas unfold and begin to take shape,

Rising from wisps of vapour

And becoming huge shiny light bulbs

My heart sings to beautiful memories

My head aches with remembered sorrows

My veins pulse with fervor

As my angry thoughts take center stage

My eyes water,

Longing to let everything out

And be free once again

I let them;

You listen quietly, Night,

Not saying a word.

As the wells behind my eyes dry up

You linger still,

Singing a silent lullaby

Hushing all my senses.

The workings of my brain

Stack themselves neatly together

Like books in a great big library

My heart slows,

My eyelids droop with exhaustion,

Longing to close so desperately

I let them;

You stretch out beside me, Night

And await the dawn to take your leave.