Day 12 of this challenge is about achievements. Let’s get right into it!

1. Participating and staying committed to this challenge from day one. Thanks to the Uncle of bloggers, Beaton ( check out Beaton’s work here; and his inspiring work with Afrobloggers!!!! (Check out Afrobloggers;

2. I got to 100 followers. You guys are awesome! May God bless every single one of you who has made this possible!!

3. I guess 100 really is my lucky number this year, huh?!!

4. I got interviewed by Innocent, a writer, poet and blogger showcasing African talent. Check out his blog here;

Aaand check out the interview here;

5. However, (drumroll………..) my greatest achievement this year has been finally finishing school!! Graduation shower, anyone??!!

Day 12- #BOTY2019.