Eating Nang Nang is a whole party in the mouth

-Martha Anewa, my sister.

“What is Nang Nang?”, you ask. Friend, it is the best gift you can ever give your tastebuds!! Please accept my apologies for not knowing what it’s called in English. My efforts to find out, which has mostly been asking Google really, were futile. But it is fish, a small sized fish that doesnt grow longer than 15cm. It is deep fried and then salted and then is ready to eat whole.

I discovered Nang nang at the beginning of the year when I was in West Nile. It’s a real delicacy there. I was hesitant to pop a whole fish into my mouth the first time I saw it (mostly because I first thought it was baby fish and I was horrified at the thought of eating some mother fish’s babies). But after a demonstration and some cajoling from relatives, I gave in and had a taste. Ladies and gentleman, there’s been no turning back since then. It’s now high up there among my favourite snacks. Like my sister said, it’s a whole party in the mouth.

So, do yourself a favour. If/when ever you travel to West Nile, stop in Pakwach and look for someone deep frying Nang Nang and just sit there and wait to eat it fresh from the pan. You’re welcome in advance!

Day 8- #BOTY2019 .