Interesting title, no? This is a very old book, that for reasons I can’t quite clearly state, I sought out this year. It was written by John Gray, an American author. You know how it’s the general consensus among men that women are complicated and women generally believe men are idiots? Turns out, there’s more where this comes from and this book tells us exactly where.

The book talks about the issues men and women in relationships have as a result of fundamental differences in their psychology. He simplifies his explanations using the metaphor that men and women are each from two different planets and goes onto explain how the two sexes respond to different situations.

An example is how they go about stress. Women (Venusians) generally like to vent; to talk out their problems and share their issues with each other. When they talk out loud about their problems, they feel better and lighter, even if the issue isn’t immediately solved. Men( Martians) on the other hand, like to retreat and be alone, to process the issue on their own and only “come out” when said issue is solved.

Just this difference alone will cause friction; a man will want to leave a woman alone when she’s stressed since that’s the only way he knows how to help her; a woman on the other hand will get so offended when her man wants alone time to sort out his problems, instead of talking it out with her.

On and on he goes, dissecting through the differences between sexes. I think it’s an important book to read, not just for people in romantic relationships. It gave me a lot of helpful information that I didn’t even know I needed🤷🏾‍♀️. So…grab yourself a copy soon!!

Day 4- #BOTY2019.